Betty White’s Second Annual 90th Birthday Party and Feeling Young

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birthday-card-morgThis year Betty White celebrated her “Second Annual 90th Birthday”. I love that. She’s not 91, she’s 90 for the second time. I’ve been thinking that way for a while myself, and had my 7th annual 30th birthday last year. My mom is also “50 and holding”, and she’s been holding for a while. *laughs*

So what’s the deal with that? It’s all about not letting the number of years you’ve been alive determine how old you are. You’re only as old as you feel. That number means nothing really. If you feel younger than your years, keep that feeling! Ignore anyone who says you need to “act your age”.

Now, there are limits of course. You may feel like a teen on the inside, but your body isn’t that young anymore. So you’ve got to take it easy and not get hurt. But mentally, emotionally and the like, you be as young as you want to be. When you start to feel old you’re just inviting death. Don’t do that. Feel youthful, be youthful, and make death wait until you’re good and ready.

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

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