Can You Mentally Cure Your Illness?

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meditation-pixaSeveral years ago I heard some inspiring stories about people curing paralysis and breast cancer through the power of their own minds. Doctors told them they would never recover, and medical science cannot figure out how they ever came through. Many people refer to what happened to these people as miracles.

It makes one wonder if it is actually possible to cure the body with the mind. Science has already proven that the mind can have both positive and negative effects on the body. We haven’t determined exactly how much, but we know that it can. Could a person cure a terminal illness, or a long-lasting one just through thought? I think it is possible.

I have been working on this myself, and I have had some success. I was diagnosed with a severe thyroid disorder. I was told I’d be on medication for the rest of my life, and there was no cure or remission. I changed my thinking and did meditation, and even though I have been without medication (due to financial issues) for over a decade, I am actually better now than I was before.

I have far fewer symptoms. I’m not cured yet, but I am better. According to doctors, I should be horribly ill after this long without medication. I should not be as well as I am. I believe that if I got back into my meditation I could get even healthier. If someone else can cure their cancer as if it was never there, I should be able to cure my thyroid disorder.

Do you think the power of thought and meditation can cure disease? Have you experienced any “spiritual” healing? Do you think people could be taught to heal themselves through thought?

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