The Difference Between Being Personal and Oversharing

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Image; Public Domain, Clker

Image; Public Domain, Clker

There was a conversation going on in a FaceBook group, and some people were saying why they didn’t want to write on Bubblews, or why they didn’t blog. It came to my attention that people have some misconceptions that should be cleared up.

People were saying that they didn’t blog or write like other people on Bubblews because they don’t like being personal. When they gave examples, they mentioned things like documenting bowel movements and talking about infected sores. So there’s the problem: People don’t understand the difference between being personal and oversharing.

Being personal is easy. All you have to do is make what you’re writing about you in some way. Interject your personal thoughts and feelings, or talk about what’s happening to you or someone you know. Personal pieces can be great, because you really get an inside look at who the writer is as a person rather than just reading cold, impersonal repetition of content from another source.

Oversharing is why a lot of people think Twitter is useless, and indeed, why some people don’t like blogs. There’s no need to talk about your bowel movements or those of your children. You don’t need to share photos and talk about how stupid, barfing drunk you got last night. No one really wants to know about your pustules. That’s what some refer to as TMI, or Too Much Information.

It is absolutely possible to write personal content without oversharing. You can do it without making a fool of yourself and you can do it well even if you have what you think is a boring life. Heck, I hardly ever leave my house and people still love to read my work. I write everything with a personal bent, and much of it is completely about me. It still works.

I hope that clears some things up for people. Not just the ones that don’t want to write personal things because they think it entails giving out information they wouldn’t even tell their spouse. It’s also for those people who overshare and drive people off with their grossness or antics. It’s possible to find the balance, you just have to want to.

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