Animal Cuteness: You Be a Pretty Birdy

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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

We have tried to teach Stoli a lot of words and phrases over the 4 years we’ve had him. Sometimes he catches on, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he learns something, says it for a while, then refuses to say it ever again. And then… Sometimes he just picks something up.

His most recent verbal acquisition is “You can be a pretty birdy”. We say that to him sometimes. usually it’s “Can you be a pretty birdy?” when he’s screaming and we want him to be cute, but he picked up “You can be a pretty birdy” and sometimes shortens it to “you be a pretty birdy”.

It’s cute, but confusing. He can pick up a 6 word phrase, but he won’t say “hello” or ‘How ya doin’?”. Birds are just weird like that I guess. He actually screams at us when we say hello now. It’s like it makes him angry or something. He used to say “pretty baby” all the time, but now that’s a rarity too.

What weird things has your bird picked up?
Here’s a good one where someone’s parrot learned to sing ‘Bodies” by Drowning Pool. I love it!

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