Overcoming Speech and Pronunciation Problems

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

for the most part, I speak very clearly. It’s one of those things that arose from my bad childhood, oddly enough. It’s been proven that when children don’t spend time around other kids they tend to learn how to speak from watching television and listening to the radio, and announcers are trained to speak clearly, precisely and without accent. So that’s what I picked up, and it enabled me to speak very clearly with no discernable regional accent.

I have had a few words and sounds over the years that gave me trouble. I didn’t like sounding “wrong” so I put some thought into repairing the way I spoke. Most notable was my trouble with radish and register. I had trouble with those words and would say “razhish” and “rezhister”. it used to really bother me, but I decided that I was going to get them right. Every time I said them wrong, I replayed the proper pronunciation in my head. Now I can say them correctly without even thinking about it.

I also had an odd pronunciation of Bob and Harry. I’d say “bohb” and hahree”. people made fun of me for it. I have no idea where the odd pronunciation came from, but I worked on it, and now I say them in such a way that they gain no particular notice. I can’t think of any other words I have issue with, but if something comes up, I know I can handle it.

I’m also working on not leaving sentences hanging. It’s so common to hear people say thing like “I was going to do that but…” or “He was taking too much time so…” and never finishing. I picked that up at some point, and I’m currently working to fix it. I prefer to speak clearly, accurately and in complete thoughts, so that’s something I want to work on and improve upon.

Have you overcome any speech or pronunciation issues? How did you do it? Do you ever even think about how you speak?

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