Letting My Freak Flag Fly

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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

I need to take my own advice and just be myself. It’s way too hard trying to be this perfect person all the time, and it’s not much fun.

I’m always telling people to be themselves, and most of the time I walk the talk, but sometimes we fall back into old ways of thinking or being. When that happens, you just need to pick yourself back up out of the rut and get back on track.

I love writing things that help people, that’s probably obvious by now. Making the world and the people in it better is a passion of mine. I know that I’m having a positive effect, and that keeps me going. However, there are times when I feel like I can’t totally be myself because I have this reputation to uphold. I’m a minister with a doctorate and a penchant for self-help, so I ought to be all chill and proper and all that. I should always stay on topic. I should…

But the thing is, that’s only part of who I am. I’m weird and I have a twisted sense of humor. I get passionate about odd things. I see things in weird ways. Sometimes I swear or lose my cool or go off into this technicolor jelly-flavored dingoes land for a while. It’s all part of who I am, but there are times when I hide the odd bits for the sake of the readers.

It bugs me though. I want to be me. All of me. It’s all that strange stuff that makes me as wise and cool and strong as I am. When I shut down those parts, I get cranky, uninspired and things go downhill fast. So, I guess you’ll all just have to get used to the roller coaster that is my brain. It’s a freaky ride, but it’s usually worth taking.

There may be times when you think someone else is writing because the style will be so different, and in a way you’re right, but I’ll get to that another time. I’m sure you’ll get used to it in time and you’ll go with the flow and take what I have to offer, no matter what the form is. If I’m being true to myself and honest with all of you, then it’s all good, right?

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