Daily Yoga – 12 Day Beginner Tour: Day 2

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Screenshot: Daily Yoga App

Screenshot: Daily Yoga App

Well, today’s set was… Interesting. I nearly fell down several times. Also, I’m pretty sure that the instructor is not human. Only a snake or cat could possibly hit those poses. I’m trying not to get discouraged, but let me just say: “Beginner course, my ass!” You already need the flexibility of Gumby to do these “basic” poses.

Today included: Chair Pose Variation 1, Child With Arms Extended, Dynamic Upward Salute, Forward Bend With Arms Held (I can’t bend that far), Forward Stretch With Arms Held, Half Squat (tough, but doable), Simple Dance Pose left and right (nearly fell down), Simple Swaying Palm Tree left and right, Simple Tree Pose left and right (nearly fell down), Triangle Forward Bend left and right (I can’t bend that far), Upward Salute.

I can’t touch my toes. Or my ankles, or even my shins. I don’t have that kind of flexibility. I can’t put my chest on my thighs while standing. I also don’t have the balance to stand on one foot for that long. So… How am I supposed to get there? The sessions change every day, so I don’t get to practice the positions. I’d go back and do them again, but I can’t see a way to redo a session you’ve already completed.

I’m not going to give up, but it’s hard to want to stay with it when there are poses I can’t do, that are obviously for very advanced people, and they give me no opportunity to practice them. I guess I could try finding the individual poses in the pose library and just do them one at a time. [sighs] I really don’t know how to get the necessary flexibility to do this stuff. They shouldn’t claim it’s for beginners when you need to already have 100% flexibility and balance mastered ahead of time.

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