Do You Dream About Celebrities or Characters?

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

In case you can’t tell, I’m kind of on a dream theme today. after talking about realistic dreams and nightmares, I got to thinking about fantasy dreams. You know, the kind where you have some sort of interlude or adventure with someone you’ve seen on TV or in a movie.

I’ve had my share of those over the years, even quite recently. I have a bit of a thing for Mr. Gold from Once Upon a Time. Not Robert Carlyle so much mind you, but Mr. Gold. Although Carlyle certainly has had his moments in movies I’ve seen. The Full Monty comes to mind. [smiles] When he graces my dreams though, he’s always Gold, not himself or anyone else. I tend to gravitate to characters more than actors.

I’ve had my fair share of fantasies about Alcide from True Blood too. Now one I do see out of character is Paul Bettany. Karl Urban too. I just like their general attitude and look, not any specific character. Of course, all of this probably fits in with the fact that I’m not much into celebrities. I may love them in certain roles but not all, so I’m not as likely to become a devoted fan to anyone. There are a few exceptions, but it’s because they’re exceptional performers with a lot of versatility.

So when you dream, do you dream about celebrities, or particular characters? Do you see yourself in the setting of that character? (For example, most of my dreams with Mr. Gold are in Storybrooke.) Do you transplant people into your current life, or into total fantasy worlds? I do have a world that I wish could be real, and it’s not uncommon for me to pull my favorite characters into that world to interact with, or when I’m not in control of the dream, they just appear there.

Another odd thing that crossed my mind, I have heard of people getting jealous of the fact that their partner dreams of other people. I have to say, that has got to be one of the most ridiculous things. It’s a dream, not something that’s really going to happen. How could you be jealous of a dream? Eric and I talked about that once and laughed about it. Who we have in our imaginations or do the horizontal tango with in our dreams is our own business and is totally meaningless. We also laugh about the knowledge that after certain movies or shows, the other is almost certain to have steamy dreams about someone who was on the screen.

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