This Is Feeling Like a Frell It Friday

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Frell It Friday is a phrase Eric came up with some time back. When we first started trying to clean up our language we decided to use curse words from Farscape instead of the usual ones, so most people wouldn’t be as offended. Frell is a substitute for… Well, you ought to be able to figure that out on your own! Frell It Friday is basically when you’ve hit the last day of the work week and you just don’t feel like working anymore.

I feel like that today. I want to write, but at the same time I’d rather be anywhere but in front of this computer. I want to chill out and have some fun. I’ve already surpassed my earning goal for today (I actually surpassed today’s goal yesterday.) so technically, I could walk away and not feel the slightest bit bad about it. I only need to earn $20.17 more by 11:30PM Sunday to meet my goal for the week. I could stop now, do nothing all weekend and have that. So money-wise, I don’t have to work anymore if I don’t want to.

The only reason I’m still sitting here is because I want to write. I love writing. Unfortunately, it seems like my brain has other plans. My body is even starting to ache, which is really making me want to get out of this chair and do something else. Maybe I should just listen and walk away.

I do have my poetry. I could go stretch, chill for a while, then just post poetry for the rest of the weekend. I’m on Volume 7 now, and I do want to get them all up so when I write new things I can post them right away. Maybe that’s what the universe is trying to tell me. If I quit trying to write today and just post poems for the rest of today and the weekend, I could get 26 poems up. That would leave 153 to go.

I think that sounds like a plan. I’d love to be caught up on the poetry. I guess I’ll do that. I’ll get out of here for a while, relax a bit, then post poems for the rest of the weekend. Monday I can come back fresh and ready for awesomeness. [smiles]

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