You May Not Like Ads, But Sites Need Them

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Blog WordPress Screenshot - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I spent a fair amount of time looking around to see if there was some way to put some witty text image in the space where my ads are supposed to show, so that when people use ad blocking software I can catch their attention and maybe get them to turn it back on. I could do it, but it would be tricky. I decided to let it go, but I do feel a need to write about it.

Ad income is the way the vast majority of sites out there keep going. Some get paid when the ad displays, some when it’s clicked, but either way, those ads keep their costs covered and allow them to keep running those sites you like visiting. When you block ads, you’re reducing the amount of income that site is able to make.

Now, I understand that video ads and flashing ads and so on can be really annoying. I can’t stand them either. The thing is, not all sites have the really annoying ads. I can’t monitor every single ad that shows up on my site, but I do try to remove any that I wouldn’t want to look at. That way I know my viewers won’t be annoyed either.

Instead of just having ads blocked on every site you visit, I suggest an alternative. Leave the ad blocker off as a general rule. Only turn it on for sites that have really annoying ads or ads that slow down your browser. If you leave it on, you’re helping the site that you’re visiting. Maybe you’ll click an ad and maybe you won’t, but you’re doing the right thing for the site by not blocking them. You can also selectively block just the individual ads that bother you, but not all ads on a whole site.

I use my ad-blocker selectively. I don’t block on a site unless the ads are really distracting or bog my browser. I want to support the sites that I visit. I want them to have enough money to keep running. Sometimes I’ll even see an ad that’s worth clicking on. That’s especially true of sites who use LinkShare or Amazon, since those ads are usually well-targeted.

So I’m going to ask that if you visit this site, turn your ad blocker off. Not only will you help me by letting the ads show, you’ll likely get a better experience from the site. This site and many others have elements that you won’t see because your ad-blocker will kill them, even though they’re not advertising. Ad blockers are not infallible, and can block legitimate content. At any rate, I hope you’ll consider leaving ads visible on this site, and on other sites that you enjoy. We need our income.

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