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Making the Most of Your EBT Card

|🕮Easy Reading Mode|   Stretch your EBT dollars and keep your family well fed When you’re buying food with an EBT card, you need to make the most of it. There are several ways you can keep your grocery bills down, and still feed your family well. I’m going to….Read More
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Healthy Snack Options – My Top 5 Favorites

|🕮Easy Reading Mode| Healthy snacks can taste good too Healthy snack options that taste good can be hard to come by. Here I’ll share my top 5 favorite healthy snacks. Over the years I have been making more of an effort to eat right. Unfortunately, eating healthy doesn’t always equal….Read More
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Blood Substitutes For Sanguinarians

|🕮Easy Reading Mode| This is a listing of various blood substitutes that I have found from various sources. If you are a sanguinarian and you can’t find a donor, or you are trying to find temporary relief for the “hunger”, these may help. BloodWine Blood (Preferably beef, as it is….Read More
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Blood Drinks For Sanguinarians RLVs and Vampire Fans

|🕮Easy Reading Mode| These are drinks that either contain blood, or mimic the flavor or appearance of blood. Please behave responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages. For beverages that contain actual blood, exercise extreme caution to prevent blood-borne illness and parasites. Vampire Juice – from freedrinkrecipes.com 1 oz Coconut rum (Coco….Read More