red quinoa asparagus Image: © Briana Blair

Clean Quinoa With a Whisk and French Press

|🕮Easy Reading Mode|Have you ever tried quinoa and found it to be bitter? That’s because there’s a natural protective coating on the seeds that makes them taste bad to animals. If you don’t get that off before you eat it, it’s pretty nasty. Cleaning quinoa can be a real pain.….Read More

Fruit Food - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

The Organic Meme

|🕮Easy Reading Mode|Yep, a single word can be a meme. It carries along with it an entire worldwide debate about marketing, corporations, farming and eco friendliness. Trouble is, most of you don’t even know what organic means. And don’t even get me started on the bullshit surrounding “GMO”.

spinach pizza

The Wonder and Joy of Food

|🕮Easy Reading Mode|People should have a better relationship with food. Abuse it, and it’ll ruin your health and your life. Nurture your love of food into a more serious relationship. Treat it just like you would a serious relationship with another person. A healthy relationship with your food can lead….Read More