Stoolseat table wood furniture

Perceived Reality and a Stool

|🕮Easy Reading Mode|Someone just mentioned that there’s a story out there somewhere that I need to read, which uses a stool as a metaphor for reality. Immediately, my mind sparked into this interesting series of thoughts about reality and things… So, there’s a stool. You know that it’s real because….Read More

Sexy Shadows Silhouette Woman - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

There’s a Lot That Goes Into Being Sexy

|🕮Easy Reading Mode| The media has created this idea that “sexy” and “nearly naked” are synonyms. Overt sexual behavior has become commonplace. Few people understand that being sexy isn’t about showing and offering up everything you’ve got. It’s actually something completely different. Sexy isn’t shaking you ass like you’re having….Read More